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Workshops & Networking


The first ever AIM Connected will host a number of exciting workshops with leading music service companies, giving you a chance to meet key contacts, and empower and grow your business.

These will be held by Spotify, BBC Licensing, Amazon Music, Deezer, Bandcamp, Leaf Grow, I AM POP with more still to be announced. Each workshop will give attendees a hands-on guide to best practices for the platform, a chance to meet the team, information on how to get in touch and answer any questions and concerns with an interactive Q&A session.
Sign-ups are now closed for these sessions.

DAY ONE (Monday 1st April):
Deezer Optimisation Workshop - 11.15am
How to make money and grow your fanbase on Bandcamp - 2.30pm

Soundcloud Workshop - 3.45pm

DAY TWO (Tuesday 2nd April):

Leaf Grow: Smart Music Marketing: Demystifying Assumptions About Audience Development - 11.15pm

I AM POP: The future of sharing - from social newsfeeds to direct messaging - 1.15pm

DAY THREE (Wednesday 3rd April):
Spotify Optimisation Workshop - 11.15am
Amazon Music - Intro to Content Programming - 1.15pm
BBC Sync and Soundtracks - 2.30pm

1-on-1 Networking Sessions

AIM Connected will also host 1-on-1 networking sessions! These are the perfect chance to make connections with leading music service companies and AIM Members to grow your business.

Here's the day-by-day breakdown of themes and companies you can meet. Sign-ups for these sessions will open on the day:
DAY ONE: Tech, Data & Digital Experts
Featuring: Jaxsta, Bandcamp, ClicknClear, Beggars, Phoenix Music International, Because Music, 37 Adventures.
DAY TWO: Social Media & Distributors 
Featuring: I AM POP, Leaf, Believe, VEVO, IDOL, Secretly Distribution, CI, Horus Music, Zebralution, MTX, CD Baby.
DAY THREE: International Leaders
Featuring: IMPALA (Europe-wide), VUT (Germany), STOMP (Netherlands) AIM (Croatia), HAIL (Hungary), International PMI (Italy), Moonlee Records (Slovenia), Kontra Rights (Serbia), SOM (Sweden), Dallas Records (Croatia), Everlasting Records (Spain).